New living home “Perpetuus” in picturesque Klausutis

A large proportion of Lithuanian seniors living in uneconomic housing not only spend most of their income on their upkeep, but also feel lonely and do not always receive the help they need to maintain their health. “Perpetuus, a long-term living home in Klausutis, invites seniors seeking a dignified old age, personalised care and care, and integration into the community to move into the Perpetuus Living Home, which offers a wide range of health services and amenities for the elderly.

Klausučiai – peaceful and picturesque

Klausučiai, located on the banks of the Klausučiai Dam in Jurbarkas District Municipality, is a unique and attractive place to live. The village, which will soon celebrate its centenary, is the largest settlement in the district after Jurbarkas. Although the village itself is not large, it has everything you could need – a cultural centre, a medical centre, a library, a post office, a school, a kindergarten, a supermarket and shops. There are also many picturesque natural spots: the Armeniukas, a tributary of the Armenos River, flows along the southern edge of Klausučiai. Nearby are Klausučiai II and Klausučiai I, a pond with high banks and tree-covered slopes.

Sematix UAB, the developer of the project, aims to meet the needs of an ageing society

Sematix was motivated to undertake this investment project by the desire to create new jobs for those living in the Jurbarkas district. The company, which specialises in manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and staffing, has created 25 new jobs as a result of the project. However, the company’s main goal is to meet the needs of an ageing society and to provide seniors with a comfortable environment with easily accessible assistance, to prevent loneliness, to build community and to ensure a happy and carefree old age.

The building chosen for the Perpetuus Home for Independent Living has, after conversion, been A+ energy performance certificate. There nursing and rehabilitation wards, wellness and amenity areas, and around 40 cosy rooms.

The need for such homes in Lithuania, which provide ongoing support, individual attention, activities and security, is growing – 2022. “According to the Official Statistics Portal, there are more people of retirement age in Lithuania than young people, and the European Commission (EC) forecasts that by 2050. Lithuania will have one of the oldest populations. Thus, LTC homes ensure that seniors can have a dignified old age, without the loneliness and isolation that are common “companions” of seniors.

Specialised homes not only provide the opportunity to build friendships with like-minded people, to share common difficulties, which provides emotional support, but also encourage a range of activities that have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. Community is an integral part of well-being, reducing the likelihood of depression and loss of meaning.

“The scientific literature sees learning, socialising and engaging older people in activities as a way to improve quality of life. In fact, it promotes joy, helps to cope with physical, health and social problems, and makes you feel more independent and still able to rely on your own strength, which is particularly important as seniors tend to underestimate themselves. That’s what makes a residential home special – not only does it offer easily accessible healthcare, but also a community that allows you to make new friends and engage in group activities as well as individual ones.”

“Perpetuus aims to empower seniors to live a fulfilling life

The Perpetuus complex, which opened its doors near the Nemunas River, offers not only accommodation in spacious rooms, but also personalised services that meet the seniors’ level of independence. Nutrition plans, therapeutic programmes, rehabilitation services and a wide range of specialists are readily available to ensure that every resident or guest is safe and well-equipped.

“It is essential that what seniors need most is easily accessible to them – it is the only way to ensure a really good quality of life. Isolation and living alone, without the help you need, can be fraught with psychological problems”. We pay a lot of attention to thinking about what seniors might need for a happy and healthy lifestyle, so health treatments, education, activities, and community building are an integral part of our living home.”

Health and leisure facilities such as a salt room, gym and massage baths help to encourage seniors to be more active, not to get bored, to integrate more easily into the community and to enjoy a full life in the home. “The Perpetuus complex also organises various exercises, animal companionship and excursions to continue exploring new horizons and experiencing new things. Perpetuus’ biggest goal is to give everyone a chance to live a full life.

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