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"The aim of Perpetuus Care Home is to enable people to live full lives

The Perpetuus complex, which opened its doors near the Nemunas River, offers not only accommodation in spacious rooms, but also personalised services that meet the needs of the elderly and their level of independence. Nutrition plans, therapeutic and wellness programmes, rehabilitation services and a range of specialists are readily available to ensure that every resident or guest is safe, cared for and cared for.

Surrounded by nature
Professional team
Comfortable environment
Modern homes
A carefully tailored diet
24/7 care
It is important to us that people have the opportunity to live with dignity and fulfilment

“Perpetuus, a long-term living home in Klausutis, invites seniors seeking a dignified old age, personalised care and care, and integration into the community to move into the Perpetuus Living Home, which offers a wide range of health services and amenities for the elderly. RWe care about their leisure time and the opportunities to build and maintain social ties, so that no resident is left alone, and so that they can build genuine human friendships and relationships of trust.


To enable a person to live with dignity and fullness, even when the physical body is weakened


Promoting community, improving quality of life, warmth and respect for every guest in the "Perpetuus" home

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Klausučiai - peaceful and picturesque In Jurbarkas district municipality

Klausučiai in Jurbarkas District Municipality is a unique and attractive place to live. The village, which celebrated its 100th anniversary a couple of years ago, is small but full of picturesque natural spots. It is also home to the Atgimimas Park, which hosts events in the summer. The park has 917 trees and a water body.